Dr. Alison Hazelbaker PhD,IBCLC,FILCA,CST,RCST March 5, 2013

The differential Diagnosis – Teasing Apart One Sucking Issue from Another -180 minutes

Dr. Hazelbaker will discuss the various types of sucking issues and how they differ or present similarly. She describes oral motor problems and differentiates them from sensory-related sucking issues. A discussion is included of differentiating posterior tie from other structurally related sucking deficits. The differential lactation diagnosis process, the decision tree for choosing level and type of intervention, and the various treatment modalities used to correct sucking problems both in and out of hospital will be covered. A brief discussion of finger feeding will be included. The Hazelbacker FingerFeeder will be discussed as a tool to be used in proper suck maintenance and as a device used to support other forms of therapy. It remains the only device approved by the FDA for finger feeding.


To Clip or Not to Clip –120minutes

In this session Dr. Hazelbaker discusses aspects of the tongue-tie phenomenon including its definition, and proper diagnosis using the Hazelbaker Assessment tool for Lingual Frenulum Function (ATLFF).  Which  she developed during her Master’s program. The ATLFF remains the only research-based tongue-tie screening and assessment tool for infants under 3 months of age.  She will also cover the MTHFR mutation and the recent literature on the subject. Various treatment modalities will be discussed: frenotomy, laser frenectomy, bodywork, CST. GI support and tongue stretching.

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