Upcoming Meeting

Our Speakers in September are:

Amy Peterson, BS, IBCLC, is a lactation consultant in private practice. She has been working with breastfeeding mothers for 21 yrs, professionally as an IBCLC since 2001. She is a retired LLL Leader of 15 years. Her practice primarily consists of difficult breastfeeding cases, including disorganized and dysfunctional sucks. She often works side‐by‐side with co‐author & business partner Mindy Harmer, a Speech‐Language Pathologist.

Mindy Harmer, MA, CCCSLP, has practiced in the field of speech‐language pathology for the past 21 years as a private practitioner, specializing in pediatrics. She is the owner of a free‐standing clinic in Idaho, where she treats clients with a variety of speech‐language and feeding disorders.  Some of her tiniest clients are breastfeeding babies who require her knowledge of oral‐motor intervention to help them breastfeed successfully. She often works side‐by‐side with co‐author & business partner Amy Peterson, an IBCLC.

Together, Amy & Mindy travel and speak at various breastfeeding conferences throughout North America several times each year. Amy & Mindy have co-authored Balancing Breast and Bottle: Reaching Your Breastfeeding Goals. They have also co-authored 3 tear-off sheets for professionals to share with clients: Introducing a bottle to your full-term breastfed baby; Pacifiers and the breastfed baby; and Bottle pacing for the young breastfed baby

Our Topics in September are:

Meet Me in the Nipple Aisle    
All too often, the breastfeeding helper finds herself in the uncharted territory of fielding artificial nipple questions. The answers frequently given are, unfortunately, based on personal bias, product advertising, and/or old wives tales instead of accurate information. Bottle selection based on misconceptions puts breastfeeding at risk. By learning about bottle characteristics such as texture, shape, venting, and flow, the breastfeeding helper can minimize the negative impact of bottle use for a breastfed baby.  The breastfeeding helper will be able to share this information with families in a way that is respectful of and compliant with the WHO Code.

Bottles, Pacifiers, & the Breastfed Baby    
As a breastfeeding helper, you may find yourself in the position of helping mothers who also want to use a bottle, or who may need to offer a bottle while breastfeeding improves.  Bottles and pacifiers can have a negative impact on breastfeeding if not used correctly.  By broadening your artificial nipple knowledge, you can learn how to apply elements of breastfeeding to bottle and pacifier use, helping mothers reduce the risk of nipple preference and prolong the breastfeeding experience.

Can I Ask You a Question—Answers to Mothers’ Questions about Collecting and Using Pumped Milk 

As breast and bottle-feeding specialists, we find ourselves answering the same questions from about pumping and bottle-feed regardless of the mothers’ geographic location, socioeconomic status, or age.  The information we provide sometimes conflicts with what the mom has read, or has not been attainable.  In this presentation, attendees will learn answers to these frequently asked questions, including tips for maximizing and collecting milk, reasons why babies sometimes refuse pumped milk, misconceptions of bottle use, and what to do if there isn’t enough milk.

Looking Beyond Latch and Positioning    
We have all worked with babies where the latch “looks okay” but breastfeeding doesn’t improve.  When
the breastfeeding helper can’t identify the problem, mothers may wean earlier than planned. By attending this presentation, attendees will learn to look beyond normal latch and positioning to discover underlying cause(s) of breastfeeding difficulties.  Attendees will also gain troubleshooting techniques that fall within their scope of practice, and learn how to identify red flags that indicate a need for immediate referral.

Amy and Mindy will have copies of their book, Balancing Breast and Bottle available for sale for $16 at the conference.   Please indicate if you would like to reserve a copy on your registration form.